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Ask Us About Our Coolair Range

Coolair, a product Seeley International acquired back in the mid-1990s, represents one of the most affordable entry points to the air conditioning market, making it ideal for first homeowners, young families or the rental market. Our team are recognised Climate Masters of Seeley International, so see us at your nearest showroom to learn about our Coolair Evaporative Systems.

Why choose Coolair?

Cooling with Coolair is a smart choice. In fact, ducted evaporative cooling systems like Coolair cost just $85 on average to run for a whole year to cool your entire home, compared to in excess of $300 for low efficiency ducted refrigerative air conditioning. If you had previously thought that effective home cooling was out of your reach, then talk to the friendly team at Adelaide Heating and Cooling about how Coolair could be the solution for you.

Affordable Cooling for Australian Summers

Coolair Evaporative Systems are Australia’s greatest value for money home cooling systems. It draws warm air from the outside through wet Chillcel® pads, which is then cooled and circulated through the home with the use of the Stealth® fan.

This means that unlike refrigerated systems, your cooling will have a distinctly natural feel, like a refreshing breeze. No more dried out eyes or noses and no frustrating automated starting and stopping that disrupts the steady flow of cooling.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy having your doors and windows open, while still keeping your family and guests in complete comfort.

As well as being one of the most affordable price points, Coolair’s Evaporative Cooling can save up to 75% of your energy and costs when compared to a ducted reverse cycle system. Over the lifetime of your system, that’s an incredible cost advantage that’s hard to ignore, not to mention a huge benefit for the environment.

As with all Seeley International brands, when you choose Coolair, you’re choosing a 100% Australian owned and made system. Coolair also has over 30 years of experience in design and manufacture of evaporative products made for the Australian climate.

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