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  • Fast even warmth throughout your entire home
  • Less draught, lower dry-out effect - no eye or skin irritation
  • Zone feature allow you to warm specific rooms resulting in a lower running cost
  • Quiet, efficient and economical
  • No exposed hot surfaces
  • No naked flame
  • No fume emissions
  • No power cords or dials to play with
  • Allergy free, asthma safe environment
  • No ash or fumes
  • No smelly chimneys

 That the Braemar Ecostar promise. You can look forward to:

  • Outstanding heating efficiency - up to 7 star equivalent
  • Lower running costs with Zone heating and gas unit efficiency
  • Unique energy saving control features
  • As single ignition point that reduces gas consumption by eliminating the need for a pilot light
  • Engineering excellence which maximises heat output per gas unit used

The InShot burner shapes the flame for optimum efficiency

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  • Shapes flame for maximum heat
  • Minimises gas wastage
  • Long life aluminised burners
  • Draws all combustible gases through the heat exchanger and expels them safely outdoors
  • Super quiet, ultra safe operation
  • Exclusive to Braemar
  • Eliminates the pilot light
  • Ensures dependable ignition
  • Monitors all heater, flame senor and safety functions
  • Fan speed maintains perfect balance with burner output
  • Ensures no cold draughts
  • Delivers continuous warm air
  • Standard on all 5 Star Ecostar systems
  • Delivers maximum heat transfer in minimum space
  • Long-life corrosion-resistant construction
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